Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Weekend in Pictures

I have seen other blogs feature a "Wordless Wednesday" or other days where they just post pictures on their blogs. I thought I would start that on Sundays. I will post pictures from our weekend. If you have any questions about what was going on in the picture, or where the picture was taken...just leave me a COMMENT! Have I mentioned that I love comments? I check for them several times a day :) Here we go!

Have a great week!


amy'smom said...

Well, your Sunday looks a lot better than mine was. I installed a new printer - not fun to me!
So what is AK doing in the pictures for Sunday? She really likes to do those art projects! Your new knitting endeavor looks good so far. I'm glad you enjoy it.
I like the bowls. I know how you got them, but who picked what?
That old Cramer is always snoozing - not just on Sunday's. Lucky him! :)

aware said...

AK was mixing paint and sparkles (glitter). She was more interested in the mixing than the painting! As for the bowls, I picked the yellow and purple one, AK picked the pinkish one, and John picked out the other one. It kind of matches some bowls and plates we already have.

Maple Leaf Red said... did our Nexxie (kitty) end up at your house? LOL... I am doing One small change and happened on your blog from that site...Good luck with the knitting...I dont knit much in the summer..thats my reading time...I made a dishcloth, but am not really happy with the stitch I used...will make another one soon using a simpler pattern