Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Small Change for March

It's that time again...the end of one month and the beginning of another. That means it is time to reflect on my One Small Change for February. February's change was to switch from plastic water bottles to reusable stainless steel. You can read about it here. This change has been successful, but not as easy as January's change, which was surprising to me. The hard part for me is having to wash my bottles every night. I was trying to get by with only buying 2 bottles. I had three, but one makes my water taste funny, so I'm down to two. I am not a fan of washing dishes. It ranks up there with putting away clean laundry and emptying the dishwasher...shudder. I get tired of scrubbing my water bottles every night, but I have done it! I have not drank out of a plastic water bottle except for when we went to my cousin's son's birthday party. They had bottled water for guests. I plan to continue with this change, but I will have to add a couple of more bottles to my collection. That way maybe I can just wash every other night!

So I have been thinking about a change for March, and I decided my change will be to use reusable bags for shopping. I do this already...sort of. I have a good collection of bags, but I always seem to leave them at home or even in the car! My plan is to use them everywhere I shop, not just the grocery store.

I bought 5 of the Earth Saver bags off of eBay a year or so ago. I looked there today, but the seller does not have anything listed right now. I get compliments on them from store clerks because they stand up when they are open. They are made of a burlap material and have a waterproof lining. They hold a lot! I also have a couple of bags I bought at Publix during Christmas. I feel weird taking Publix bags into other grocery stores. Should I worry about that? Is it bad manners? Comments??


Hip Mountain Mama said...

So glad you love your water bottles. I have to admit that I don't wash my stainless steel water bottles every day. I usually just rinse them in really hot water, then use soap maybe once a week or stick them in the dish washer. I only use water in my bottles and I find that they don't need to be washed every day.

March sounds great. I love my blue avocado bags that I bring to the store. I also have a litte stuff bag that I keep in my purse to use for random trips to the store.
Have a great month!

Angela Pea said...

Way to Go!

Actually, I always leave my shopping bags in the trunk of my car, so that I always have them with me!

Nancy said...

I know what you mean, but I've stopped worrying about mixing and matching stores & shopping bags! I also agree that some reusable bags are a cut above. At some point I hope to sew some up my own, that are boxy and stay open (w/reinforced handles) but not any time soon.