Friday, February 19, 2010


Today was a Relay for Life fundraiser day at our school. The theme was to dress as your favorite storybook character. AK couldn't decide who to be because I had forbidden Hannah Montana or Ariel because it's cold and the costumes she has are pretty bare. This caused a bit of turmoil on the drive home from school yesterday, but we finally compromised on Pinkalicious. For those of you who do not know Pinkalicious, she is a little girl who ate so many pink cupcakes she turned pink! She had to eat green foods to turn back to her normal color. I felt it was pretty appropriate for my pink loving sweets snacker. So here she is...all in pink.

I'm not too good at pigtails, but she looked pretty cute :) Some of the other characters in her class were Bad Kitty, Goldilocks, and the Gingerbread Girl.

My class had a few characters today. Here they are...can you figure out which characters they are?

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Olivia said...

So cute! We love Pinkalicious!

I remember my daughters dressed as Fancy Nancy and Judy Moody for their book character day at school!