Monday, February 15, 2010

Backyard Bird Count

I decided to participate in the Backyard Bird Count again this year. However, I ended up with a serious crick in my neck all weekend. It was impossible to turn my head in any direction without severe pain until Monday. I did count birds for a few minutes on Saturday because they were having such a good time at my feeders. I tried my hardest to get some good pictures, but it's like they knew I was watching them and they didn't want to participate.

I got a couple of shots where if you look very closely you can see the bird through the leaves.

There's a tiny chickadee right in the middle of this shot. See him??

You can sort of see the House Finch on my feeder here.

This was taken through my dirty living room window.

Mostly I saw this guy hanging by his toenails as he cleaned out all of the sunflower seeds!

This was a common shot. I stood very still a few feet away from the feeder. The birds would approach and grab a snack, but then fly away quickly before I could push the camera button. Hmmmm...what could have caused their fear?

I believe this was the culprit...

We had fun though :)


clendfb said...

They do know you were there trying to take their picture. I have a ton of them in the back yard,too,but only thru the window...I had a guy come over to take bird and butterfly pics and he had to set the camera on the shutter thing and hide really still behind some shrubs for a LONG time before they came close enough for good shots. He stayed for a couple hours without moving...

amy'smom said...

I wondered if you would remember the bird count since you weren't feeling very well, so I'm glad to see you at least attempted it. That old squirrel sure looks well fed! You need one of those feeders that starts spinning when the squirrels get on it, but then they would probably decide it's fun - like a ride at Six Flags!
Keep on blogging! I enjoy reading it.
Your Mom :)