Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flower Project

It is CRCT testing week for the 1-3 grade students. That means Kindergarten students do not have any of their resource classes all week. We have to stay in our rooms and be very quiet. No outside play until testing is over. And top it off...our assistants are pulled to proctor the testing. It makes for a llllllooooonnnnnnggggggg week.

So, I spent yesterday afternoon and part of today thinking of some activities that might be a little more exciting than the typical things we do. One of the things I will be teaching is about the parts of a flower or plant. I plan on doing some planting/indoor gardening, playing some fun games, and offering a few art activities. So today I decided AK and I should test out on of the art activities. The plan is for each child to make their own flower and then label the parts: flower, stem, leaves, roots. Here is what to do.

1st - Cut out a flower shape (I did this part) from a paper plate and paint it.

2nd - Cut out a long flower stem and glue it to a large piece of white paper.

3rd - Cut out leaves. AK decided to draw her's first.

4th - Cut short lengths of brown yarn and glue them down to create roots.

Here is the finished product!

As you can see, we did not label the parts. Maybe we'll do that tomorrow.


Laura said...

Well, as the mommy of a girl that was in kindergarten just last year, I am givin it the thumbs up! So cute!

amysmom said...

Good idea - looks like AK did a great job! Isn't it handy to have her test out your classroom ideas? I'll bet your class will love to make their flowers, too. Let us know how they turn out.

Rosina said...

Hi Amy :)
I've finally made it over for a visit and am enjoying reading all about your family :) These flowers are super cute!! I'm so happy that you like your new cloth snack bags and that your daughter is crazy about the squirrel fabric :) I love being able to sew and share them with families. I'm going to add you to my friend list so that I can come and visit again :) Have a fantastic day tomorrow!