Thursday, April 29, 2010

The finished product

I finished my tree art! I think it turned out pretty good considering I am so new in the crafting world. I made the bird smaller and added a couple of coats of mod podge to it. I like how the mod podge made it kind of shiny. Just a hint of shiny...not too much.

I went and bought a couple of more canvases. I may try a rounder tree with more leaves. I'm not sure yet, but I'll keep you updated.

Then look what I found tonight! I came across a blog called Sweet Limes. Look at this pillow! I love it!!! I wonder if she would make one for me? Hhhmmmmm....


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Girl...I'm loving your picture, you are so right, my pillow would go great with it! I'm so happy you told me about this so I could come and see what creativity you've got flowing over here, your tree turned out splendid, I really love the bird sitting in it's branches.

amy'smom said...

Love the tree! It turned out really great. What's next??? :)