Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crack Snackle Pop

Yesterday we took a day trip to Macon, GA to see AK's Aunt "B" and Uncle Phil. It was the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival. I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from the day. We took so many!

This is a nest in the wreath on "B" and Phil's front door!

Just before we were leaving to drive back home I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the cherry blossoms! So we snuck (sneaked? I keep getting a spell check error here) into the neighbor's yard to get these shots.

It was a beautiful day and we had a beautiful time :) AK was so tired she fell asleep in the car and slept in her clothes. She was amazed when she woke up this morning still dressed. When John told her she didn't even brush her teeth she said, "Look in my mouth. Do I have any cavities?" The words of a dentist's grandchild :)

She asked for Rice Krispies this morning. She kept saying "Crack Snackle Pop!" No matter how I tried to correct her, she insisted her way was better. I say we just go with it.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a giant bowl of Crack Snackle Pops.

aware said...

She ate it all!