Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

Here in Georgia it is rare to have a snow day. It began snowing very lightly yesterday afternoon just as school was letting out. It was so fun to see how excited the students were at such a tiny amount of snow! At one point a big burst of snow came all of a sudden and all you could hear were screams of joy! I didn't really think it would amount to much because when I went to bed there was still just a dusting of snow in the grass, but I continued to be hopeful. As I was drifting off to sleep the phone rang with the much anticipated news that school would be closed!! All you could hear were whoops of joy from me and AK :)
This morning I was surprised to see how much more snow had accumulated. Now, to those of you who live where it really snows (I'm assuming anyone reads this blog) you would laugh at the fact that we Georgians consider this a major event. However, like I said, I was surprised to see the snow this morning. AK couldn't wait to get out there to throw snowballs at me. We bundled up and headed out into the 16 degree morning. Here are some pictures of our fun:
Here we are all bundled and ready for fun!

Snow angel

Throwing snow at Mommy. This was just before I threw snow at her and she started crying!

My One Small Change challenge is going well so far. Instead of using paper towels to clean the counters I used a towel. We usually put down a paper towel under our coffee mugs when we fix our morning coffee. They're very helpful in catching the sugar that seems to fly around everywhere (thanks honey). Instead, we didn't use a paper towel, and just tried to be more careful. We actually used the spoon rest that always sits by the coffee maker to rest our stirring spoon on...imagine that. Who would have thought! Instead of serving AK's very healthy breakfast of toast on a paper towel, I actually put it on a plate. Hey - I think this might be easier than I thought!
The only problem I have discovered is that instead of the one roll of towels I thought was left, I discovered a 12 pack of paper towels stashed in the guest bathroom shower. Yes, we are short of storage space around here. So, what to do with those paper towels? Any suggestions? Anyone?

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