Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Update!

Things are going well so far in this pregnancy. I have finally hit the "not so tired" portion of the 9 months. Although being pregnant at 38 is more tiring than it was at 32! I have a little mover and shaker in my tummy. The baby has been very active in the last 2 ultrasounds...wiggling, flipping, running...The ultrasound technician told me to buy a new pair of running shoes for this one! We can hear kicks through the doppler, and the doctor has to chase the little babe around my stomach when she's trying to find the heartbeat. Anyway, here are some recent pictures to share :)

Me at 15 weeks, 2 days

Me at 18 weeks...whew!

AND...our sweet baby... (drum roll)



Mikayla Lynne said...

Hi Im a fellow march mommy to be, you are adorable congratulations on a little girl! I don't know what Im having we decided to be suprised and my husband is holding me to it lol :-) Mikayla

aware said...

Thank you Mikayla! Good luck with your pregnancy :)