Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been busy lately. It is the end of the school year (5 more days!!!!), and I have so much to do at work around this time. I haven't thought much about my blog until today. I think it's because I took some time this afternoon to do some enjoyable things. Things I like to share here. I broke out the camera, and got busy!

One reason I haven't been blogging much is this.

DROID. I have been trying to figure out how to use it. John and I spied new phones last weekend when we were actually supposed to be helping my mom pick out a new phone! She still doesn't have a new one, but we went back and got these.

Back to today...
We did a little gardening.
I made this. What do you think is in it??? Look hard.

Oops! Wrong end! Look again :)

I found this post at Elizabeth Anne's Designs. I had tried to make a topsy turvy style planter out of a plastic soda bottle, but ended up getting too frustrated. I came across this much prettier version and knew I had to do it instead. I had a planter I got for Christmas just waiting for this project! I hope it works. I broke a few limbs of the tomato plant when I put it through the hole, but hopefully it will survive.

I had a helper when it came time to water the plants.

Remember when I was so excited about this hydrangea bush?

Look at it now!

There are lots of flowers about to bloom on it! I'm so happy it is thriving.

I started a new project tonight, but I will save it for another post :)

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